Process of Board Meetings 021

Exhibit 021
REV 1/28/02

Process of Board Meetings

Listed below should be the preparation for all board meetings, if possible (Policy #5):

Homeowners should submit agenda items 2 weeks before the meeting to the property manager. This allows the board or committees to be aware of the issues so they may have answers, if possible.

Committees should submit their report 1-1/2 weeks before the meeting so that the communications committee can prepare the agenda.

The email notification including the agenda should be sent out 1 week before the meeting. The agenda should also be published on the website 1 week before the meeting.

Listed below should be the process at all board meetings, if possible (Exhibit 019):

The presiding officer will call the meeting to order.

Everyone will introduce themselves.

Each committee will give a report and make motions. All business should fall within a certain committee (for example any agenda items that homeowners submitted.) When a motion is made each board member will then give their opinion. Then homeowners may raise their hand to be called on by the presiding officer to give an opinion. The presiding officer will then call for a vote.

Once all business has been discussed, the presiding officer will adjourn the meeting.

After adjournment, homeowners may ask board members questions during the homeowner forum. Depending on time, this may need to be limited. Please be aware that the board may not know the answers to some of the questions and these will be referred to the proper committee to investigate. All association business is investigated and worked on in each of the committees. In other words, the committees do the grunt work. They will then bring issues to the board directors to be voted on. It is the board's job to oversee each committee and make the final decision on motions. This process is in place because (a) it is impossible for each board member to know in intimate detail everything about the association, (b) it allows tasks to be assigned in a structured manner so they may be completed more efficiently, and (c) it allows more homeowner involvement in the rule and policy making process.

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