Duties of Committees 016

Exhibit 016
REV 12/21/01


This exhibit is to provide information on the duties of the committees. This information has been passed by the board and is contained in the Policy Log.

The Association shall have 5 committees that investigate various issues facing the Association and make recommendations to the Board for decision. Committees cannot create rules or enforce them; only the Board can. The Board strongly encourages homeowners to get involved with committees. Committee meetings focus on association issues, debate processes, and create motions based on the investigations and discussions.

The committees are Communications, Operations, Landscape, Rules, and Finance.

The committees responsibilities will be (but are not limited to) as follows:

1. The Communications Committee is responsible for the communication between all elements of the association, acting as the liaison to the property manager, all board meeting administration (including meeting minutes), maintaining the calendar of events, and the Association website.

2. The Operations Committee is responsible for maintenance of all common area structures and equipment (including signs, fences, monuments, play equipment, mail stations, etc.), the coordination of any tree clearing, and acting as the liaison to external entities including the Sheriff, PUD, Centex, Snohomish County, YMCA, etc.

3. The Landscape Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all common area landscaping, (including irrigation system but excluding structures and equipment), the coordination of any special clean ups, and acting as liaison to the landscape company.

4. The Rules Committee is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of Association rules such as Bylaws, CC&Rs, Architectural Control Committee (ACC), Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines, and Board and Committee Policy. Liaison to external rule making subjects regarding law enforcement and county departments.

5. The Finance Committee is responsible for working with the property manager in areas including the treasury, the yearly budget, any audits, and insurance. The committees shall have one chairman chosen by the Board and volunteer homeowners.

Committees shall meet as needed but not at the same time as the monthly Board meeting. The committee chairman must specify a place and time for the meeting which must be made available to the Association via Board meeting minutes and the website.

Minutes of each committee meeting shall be kept and made available to the Association 2 weeks after such meeting. Minutes are available upon request and via the website.

Committee Chairmen shall submit a committee report to all board directors via email at least one week prior to the monthly Board meeting. The committee report must include a chronology of events, and any items the board needs to take action on.

Committees shall have the authority to publish information to the Association membership via the committee’s section of the official website without Board or other Committee review or approval. Each site must make issues clear on what is a work in progress and what is official.

The following provides some examples of committee duties:

1. Landscape: Liaison to Maintenance Company, Homeowner Landscape of Common Areas, Special Clean Ups, Liaison to Landscape Maintenance Company, Scotch Broom, Common Area/Capital Equipment, Trails, Irrigation System.

2. Operations: Crime Watch, Mail Stations, Traffic, Ponds, NGPA ,Street Sweeping, Dino Park Drainage, Liaison to County, Liaison to Centex ,Liaison to PUD ,Liaison to YMCA, Tree Clearing, Play Area Signs, Entrance Sign Lighting, Fences, Mail Stations Clean Up, Manufacturing Data, Warranties, Repairs, Sport Courts, Tot Lots, Soccer Field Usage Plan.

3. Communication: Web Page, Phone Mail, Board Meeting Admin, Digital Photos, Envelope Stuffing, Training, Ballots, Validations, Garage Sales, Calendar of Events, Comm Review, Liaison to Management Company, Monthly Meeting Admin, Newsletters, History, Records.

4. Rules: ACC review, Rules Violations, Neighborhood rules, Bylaws and CC&Rs, Rules for Common Areas, Law Enforcement Agencies, County Department Concerning Rules.

5. Finance: Treasury, Budget, Write Checks, Audits, Insurance, Annual Meeting Reports.

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