Fence Guidelines 006

Exhibit 006

REV 8-20-01

Fence Guidelines

Fence construction is determined by three sets of rules:
1. Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (web site)

(Reference Only. Homeowner is responsible for meeting county requirements)

a. Bulletin #27 Setbacks. Setbacks are “the distances a building or use must be removed from the lot lines of a property.” The setback distances for our residential properties are 5 feet for the sides and back and 10 feet for the property front.
b. Bulletin #6 Fences. Fence rules are provided in Snohomish County "Bulletin #6". Fences may not exceed 6 feet without a county permit. Additional height restrictions apply to corner lots.

2. Silver Firs Phase II Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

a. Article VII.1.I. “No solid fence shall be constructed beyond the front building setback line, or beyond the side building setback lines in connection with corner lots. Only ornamental fences shall be allowed in the front yard and corner lot setback.”
b. Article VII.1.M. “All fences shall be constructed of wood or approved substitute material.”

3. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

All Design Requests must be submitted in writing to the management company for ACC approval by using the Design Review Form. Fence plans should have the following elements to facilitate the approval process:

a. Show the entire proposed fence on a plan view of your property. The plan view should show the property lines and setbacks.
b. Describe the style of the fence as it appears in the elevation view. For example: "Style shall be the same as my neighbor in (address)". If an example is not available, provide a sketch of a typical section of the proposed fence in the elevation view.
c. Describe any proposed finish (stain). Provide a color sample, if possible.

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