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The Silver Firs II Board of Directors helps in the establishment of policies and operations of committees. It provides a framework to clarified roles and responsibilities of committees, develop volunteerism and committee participation and provide assistance to chair and members of committees.

Various committees manage specific areas of activity for Association members. Committees are made up of volunteer homeowners who serve as chairpersons and members. Committees are organized into Groups so several committees with interrelated functions can cooperate between themselves. The Board of Directors oversees the functioning of the committees. Committees hold meetings on a monthly basis or as needed and petition the board for needed funds.

Our main focus has been on forming committees that do the majority of the work. Once a committee has investigated issues, it forms an opinion and makes a recommendation to the Board for a decision. This makes it easier for the Board members to focus on making the decisions since the committees do the research. More information on the Committee Organization can be found in the Neighborhood Rules & Guidelines.

Our community is highly dependent upon homeowner involvement. We encourage everyone to participate by reading minutes, perusing the website, and attending Committee meetings to provide invaluable input. All members are strongly urged to attend the annual meeting and participate in all voting in person or by proxy.

Volunteerism is the primary method for reducing costs. The association is always looking for homeowners who are willing to devote their time in sharing their particular skills or interests. The committees need volunteers to help with matters such as the communications of the association, the operations and landscaping of the community, any rules enforcement, and finance/budget work. The association frequently holds annual common area clean-ups, landscaping projects, and other community activities to improve our neighborhood. Information about volunteering can be obtained from a board member or committee director, the property manager, or at any meeting.

Prosperous communities require hard work and dedicated individuals. The Association would like to recognize all volunteers as the most important element in the determination of its success.

Our volunteers and assessments maintain 86.6 acres of common area. This includes miles of fencing and trails, acres of tree-covered greenbelts and roadside grass to be mowed, eight entrance areas including entry monuments, irrigation, and lighting, dozens of mailbox hutches, a soccer field and parking area, two tennis courts, four sport courts, and eight tot-lots. We also maintain all signs, benches, and picnic tables throughout the community.

Finally, the Board would like to reiterate that the Associations’ focus and goals are for the good of the community and to enhance property values. We strive to support neighborhood pride, caring, and harmony. We encourage all residents to care and be considerate for others and the community.

The Board has adopted the Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities document as recommended and promoted by the CAI (Community Associations Institute). Click here for the brochure.

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