HOA Board

The Board of Directors meets as follows (except December when there is no meeting):

    Date: 4th Monday of every other month
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Place: Fire District #1, Station 13 Firehouse, Puget Park Drive

Association members and their guests are welcome to attend. The board may be coordinating before the meeting (CCR training, reviewing the By-laws, etc.), but the meeting doesn't actually start until the President calls the meeting to order.

Once the meeting starts, the board works to an agenda. Copies of the agenda are also available at the meeting. Homeowners may comment on issues on the agenda or ask questions, but only the board may vote on motions.

If you have business with the board or would like to have an issue put on the agenda, please send an email to the management company.

Monthly Board Meeting Info

Formula Day Action More Info
Last Meeting Monday Board Meeting  
Last Meeting + 10 days Monday Publish minutes  
Next Meeting - 2 week Monday Submit agenda items for next meeting To the management company
Next Meeting - 1 week Monday Publish agenda for next meeting Via Email
Next Meeting Monday Next board meeting  

On March 28th, 2005, the Silver Firs II HOA Board of Directors officially adopted the Community Associations Institute Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities document. This document lays out the principles for homeowners and community leaders. The Board has been working by these guidelines for many years but felt it was necessary to officially adopt these guidelines for future board members and homeowners. Read this document by clicking here.

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