How big is Silver Firs II?

Silver Firs Phase II consists of the neighborhoods of Canterbury, Canterbury Heights, Hillcrest, Pembridge, Scarborough, Sherwood, The Cottages, Thornbury, and Vintage. There are 880 homes in these neighborhoods which also includes 86 acres of common area, grassy buffers, ornamental plants, trees, trails, fields and play areas.

Where do my association assessments (dues) go?

Your association dues cover items such as (but not limited to):

  • Maintenance and repair of miles of privacy and ornamental fencing
  • Lawn and Landscape Maintenance (750K sq ft to mow)
  • Entrance Signs and Lighting
  • Maintenance of 2 tennis courts, 4 sport courts, 1 soccer field, and multiple playgrounds
  • Maintenance of 110 mail stations
  • Miscellaneous signs
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Rules Enforcement issues
  • Common area liability insurance
  • Community Management Services
  • Association Website

How long will my common area maintenance request take?

Some projects require the board to go through a bid process, which can take up to at least 3 months in some cases. In other cases, funds may not be available in the current year to have a contractor perform the work. An alternate option is to have volunteers complete the work, however homeowner involvement in these types of projects is extremely low.

I want to help out. How can I become an active member of the community?

You are always invited to any of the board or committee meetings. Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month. Check the calendar of events for the next board or committee meeting that you would like to attend. You may also contact our management company and they will put you in touch with the appropriate committee member. There are many ways that you can become an active participant in the Silver Firs community. Please contact our management company for more information. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

I want to paint my house, do I need permission to do so?

Yes. To keep the homes within the guidelines, all color schemes must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Please go to the ACC section of this website for further information.

I’m thinking about getting a locking mailbox to protect my incoming mail. Is there an approved box?

Yes. The Silver Firs II Home Owner's Association has approved a locking mailbox to help homeowners combat identity theft and stolen mail. The approved box is called The Pinnacle and is manufactured by Davis Tool. You can find out more information on their website at www.lockingmailbox.com.

How do I get the Association's help with a Rules or Covenant Enforcement issue please?

You may check the Rules and Covenants section of this website for the complete list, or contact either the management company or The Association President & Rules Committee Director.

How do I get on the Association's email distribution list?

Please contact our management company.

What if I don't have email? How do I keep up on what's going on?

You are always welcome to join us at any of the board or committee meetings. Check the calendar on the home page for more information.

How do I reserve the Soccer Field?

Soccer Field reservations can be made with this form.

I can’t open the meeting minute or report file, the link doesn’t work.

The most likely reason is that you do not have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. All reports and meeting minutes are created in Adobe .pdf format. You can get the free Reader program direct from Adobe. Just click on the Adobe icon on the left column of the report page.

Why aren't there any blue outgoing mailboxes in our neighborhood and can we get the USPS to install some?

We have asked our local postmaster this question and he stated that due to the decrease in outgoing mail volume, there are no chances at this time of getting the boxes installed in our neighborhood.